What men should know about women

How do woman's minds work?

How to save or prolong men's life in marriage?

How to explain low natality in the western world?

Who has bigger rights then a man for his children and the hard work of his toil?

The text below tries to answer the above questions and some others, from the experience of men.

Women want to rule over Men
When you get married and get a child you will learn that women want to rule over men. Simply, you will learn it when is to late to save yourself from suffering and that is when you get a child. The woman will get you to serve her through the child, asking you to do it for your child. That would not be that bad if you were to serve a good master, but this suffering comes from the evil one, you will experience it. Even if you become a bad man and say no to that marriage the society law will give at least a half of your possessions and the child to the woman. But there is a great joy and hope in raising up a child. The western world then is wandering why it has low natality. The men are not stupid as the (rulers of) society assume.

The natality was not a problem in the past when the woman was more dependent on the man.

What are the traps women make for (married) man and how to handle them?
Do not forget, the goal women have is to rule man. How do they go about that? First they want to know what you do in the house and outside it. After that they will ask why and how you do those thing and (this is crucial) if they can make and argument about it they will. They will try until they succeed to make you do those things according to their will. A normal man (who does not know how to protect himself from this) will naturally get into argument and eventually lose his temper if he does not want to be ruled by a woman. Loosing temper so many times can lead to divorce or will affect your health or the child.
Be cautious they know to pause with this tactic for a time and ambush you again when the relationship comes into calm waters.
The solution is almost obvious, not to get into arguments that is mostly caused by you explaining your actions in every days life. So just say, I do that thing because I wish to do it that way. Simple as that. But there are other ways they will get you into an argument like interfering when you are teaching your child to listen to you (by words or actions), as themselves do not wan you to be the one who gives orders but themselves.

Imposing of her will
Women impose their will on men all the time on different ways and surprisingly most men are not aware of that. If she cannot get what she wants directly she will try to get that indirectly and if that does not succeed she will give you a hell for the whole day and the days to come until her will is full-filed, but you would not be able to see the connection between these things and the cause of your struggle. If her foxy ways are not succeeding, in parallel with that, she spreads the beetle to be fought in the hart. She says: "Today, dad is rejecting me, the same as you my son". By saying that, she wants you to feel guilty and therefore you become more susceptible to accepting her will in her further attempts. If you ever want to have the last say like this one "I do not want that, full stop". Then the devil is unleashed and you will see her teeth and all the low blows you could have ever got straight in your hearth. Because that is where the devil strikes. The men differ, if he does not succeed in what he wants he accepts it much quicker, and there are no hidden ways but an open beetle, as he would do it in street fights when he was a child, straight in the face. In the opposite case, when she does not want to accept your will that is usually done through ignoring (on different ways), sweeping under the carpet. Because of that men are unhappy all the time except moments when they satisfy their sexual desire, or are with their children.

Our suffering is devils business
You have many arguments with your wife and you are thinking how to avoid them. You are finding no way, so your last resort will be to give up the power struggle and let her has the last word, which cannot be good for you but you will try to do this as the last thing as you cannot handle any more arguments every day, and you have tried everything but this, and you have to do it. And you think, once she has the decision making power the arguments will stop. But here is a surprise for you. First she says, I do not want that I want to have a discussion about things, meaning arguments, even though you have already explained that this is to be used as the last resort when we do not agree on something and a decision has to be made. So what are you going to say. To beg her to have the last word on your issues, because you do not want more suffering. Something similar, may be you will explain that in human society there is a hierarchical structure like the government has, or schools have, or kindergartens have, always someone has the last word. And she may say, yes, to be the ruler. What will happen next when that starts functioning. I do not think you will have achieved very big progress on stopping the arguments. She will always find things that she will blame you for and be showing anger in the family. Why, I have no other answer but this is the devils business in order to ruin mens souls. His goal is not only to have the power but to ruin mans souls.
Please read this paragraph in the light of the above paragraphs, as a married man with a child.

An advice to males
If you cannot prove that the person you want to be married to is putting you first, before herself, then better do not get married (Don't you put others before yourself?). But be careful how you will prove this as you can be fooled. One of the good tests is when you get in trouble with someone else and seem to have won because your have used your strength as a mature men towards a naughty teenager or any one physically weaker then you, and you believe that was because they did wrong to you, or have used your authority to tell someone to leave your house because he offended you with his/her behavior in your house, but did not offend you future wife, and she is not on your side in those circumstances, then do not merry her, as you will not only have to fight with her but whoever is agains you she will support. This is a power struggle. Logical implication is: do not marry a feminist, as they see men as more powerful or influential, without a proof, but as a priory, and therefore consider all men to be fought against.

For those who do not want to get married
If you are a Christian consider this short true story as told by a priest, a prison chaplain, in a contact TV program. When he asked a prisoner who said that he did not believe in God, and the priest said, "But if you allow your self to believe for a moment that God exists what would you say then". The prisoner answered: "Then I am in a deep trouble". So, start believing in God and start helping others in any sort of trouble as after this life on earth, if there is anything, any life after this life, it is better not to suffer there as much as you suffer now, or in the other words it is better to go to the purgatory or haven then to the hell.

Does anyone know a woman who does not love money and material possessions. What are his experiences?

By the way, I have read that even a catholic pope was married. I suppose that catholic priests discovered what is written above and they no longer get married as it can affect their devotion to God.

All my love to you my male friends. I hope the above will help you in some way. Of course once you are in trouble only prayers to God can help you and keep you above the water.

My love to you all.

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